Soda Ash Light

Soda Ash Light
Product Description

Soda Ash Light is an inorganic compound which appears as white colored free-flowing powder with water soluble nature. It has chemical formula Na2CO3 with molar mass of 105.9888 g/mol in anhydrous form with density of 2.54 g/cm3. This chemical compound is odorless in nature and has melting point of about 851 degrees Celsius. It is extensively utilized in glass manufacturing, paper, and detergent & soaps making industries. Soda Ash Light also shows solubility in aqueous alkali & glycerol with insolubility in acetone & alcohol. It is a strong base, which finds application in various chemical processes as well.

25kg - 40kg Soda Ash Light

Application :

Widely used in manufacture of chemicals and metallurgy,medicine,petroleum,hides processing,textile,printing and dyeing, foodstuff, photograph, glass, enamel and paper industry,etc.


  • Total alkali content:99.2% min
  • Chlorides(NaCl):0.7%max
  • Sulphate(SO4):0.03%max
  • Iron(Fe2O3):0.004%max
  • Water insoluble matter:0.04%max
  • Ignition loss:0.8%max
  • Bulk density:0.6g/ml min
  • Particle size 180um sieve remaining:70%min
  • Packing:In plastic woven bags of 40/50/750/1000kgs net each
  • H.S.No:28362000
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