CHA (Cyclohexylamine)

CHA (Cyclohexylamine)
CHA (Cyclohexylamine)
Product Description

 CHA (Cyclohexylamine)

  • Product Name   cyclohexylamine
  •  Other Name  CHA
  •  CAS No    108-91-8
  • EINECS No     203-629-0
  •  Molecular Formula    C6H13N
  •  Molecular Weight    99.17 gmol1
  • Density     0.8647 g/cm3
  • Aniline(%)    0.15
  •  Purity (%)     99.0
  • Moisture (%)    0.5
  • Appearance    Clear colorless liquid
  • Storage                   Fireproof.
  •  Separated from acids,oxidants,aluminium;
  •  copper,zinc,etc.
  •  Well closed.

Cyclohexylamine is an organic compound, belonging to the aliphatic amine class. It is a colorless liquid, although, like many amines, samples are often colored due to contaminants. It has a fishy odor and is miscible with water. Like other amines, it is a weak base, compared to strong bases such as NaOH, but it is a stronger base than its aromatic analog, aniline.

It is a useful intermediate in the production of many other organic compounds. It is a metabolite of cyclamate.

Cyclohexylamine application area,the production of:

---Sodium cyclamate

---antioxidants in rubber and plastics

---vulcanization accelerators for rubber

---corrosion inhibitors in steam pipes and boilers


---textile chemicals

---catalysts for flexible polyurethane foams

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