1000 Kg Dense Soda Ash

1000 Kg Dense Soda Ash
Product Description

1000 Kg Dense Soda Ash finds application in food processing, pulp & paper, glass manufacturing, and water treatment industries. It is known to be highly pure in nature and shows great results. This soda ash is water soluble in nature and decomposes at 851 degrees Celsius. It is known to have ability to remove magnesium & calcium ions from water hence is perfect for use in water softening plants. 1000 Kg Dense Soda Ash serves as flux for silica and assists in manufacturing of glass. It is known to have chemical formula Na2CO3 with molar mass of 105.988 g/mol and density of 2.54 g/cm3.

Specification :

  • Total alkali content : 99.2% min
  • Chlorides(NaCl) : 0.7%max
  • Sulphate(SO4) : 0.03%max
  • Iron(Fe2O3) : 0.004%max
  • Water insoluble matter : 0.04%max
  • Ignition loss : 0.8%max
  • Bulk density : 0.9g/ml min
  • Particle size : 180um sieve remaining: 70%min
  • Packing : In plastic woven bags of 40/50/750/1000kgs net each
  • H.S.No : 28362000
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